05/23/15 8:17 AM

Ram Charan’s Turbo Megha Flights in Air from June end


Ram Charan’s airlines Turbo Megha, for which he is currently the brand ambassador, is going to start air services from the end of june. Turbo Megha airways got grounds ready for starting regional scheduled airlines under the name of TruJet.




Flight ATR 72-500 belonging to TruJet has already reached Shahshabad airport. The DGCA approvals for initiating the services are almost done. There is a possibility of gaining approval in the next 20 days. The airlines for which Ram Charan is acting an ambassador, Turbo Megha is going to fly its first TruJet in the end of june. Initially, services will be provided in both Telugu states and also a few other states like Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad. Later, airways will start sevices in 10 cities in South. Second class cities will be the major target of TruJet. It is known to us that Ram Charan is the director and ambassador of Turbo Megha.

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