01/19/17 5:20 PM

Ram Gopal Varma Review On Khaidi No 150


Since the time Khaidi No 150 released in the theatres, everyone is eager to know the response of Ram Gopal Varma on the film. The film maker has been busy tweeting things before the release and he already fought verbally with NagaBabu. So, finally the film maker has watched the film and like his usual way, he tweeted his feelings after watching the film.

“Just saw 150 ..Mega Star is beyond Mega Mega Mega Fantastic ..150 million Cheers to him. Mega Star’s Energy levels are SUPREME and he’s looking younger than when he left films some 9 years back ..He’s looking MEGA HANDSOME.” tweeted Ram Gopal Varma.

Many Mega fans were initially not in a state to accept this and also wondered that he is joking. Keeping this apart the film is performing well at the box office with raining collections.

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