04/4/16 5:06 PM

Rana ‘s One Eyed Vision?


Tollywood handsome hunk and macho man Rana Daggubati is a versatile personality who was always on the upfront in contributing back to the society. He never skips an opportunity that can be used for the society. Rana recently made himself a part of Lakshmi Manchu’s TV Show Memu Saitham. He has extended his support for few kids and also revealed a shocking fact about himself. Rana Daggubati, talking at the reality show, revealed that he has perfect vision for a single eye alone. It is revealed that Rana Daggubati met with a major accident around the age of 7yrs and lost vision of one eye. After that, the actor also went through a surgical eye replacement but he is still dealing with the consequences. He revealed his story to a 7 year old child who is also suffering from similar thing. Rana Daggubati tried to fill confidence in him and tried to raise hope in his life. Many other celebrities have also been participating in the show.



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