08/1/15 10:36 AM

Rape Drama by Girl To Get Married to Lover


A girl in Tamil Nadu who was being forced to get married, played rape drama to avoid it. She is the employee of a private company and resides in a hostel in Erode, Tamil Nadu. On 28th july, when the girl was in her room in hostel, she was assaulted by two men, she said. Hostel staff who found her unconscious, tied up to a chair with ropes informed the same to police. Police officials who reached the spot filed case and started investigation. When the girl’s parents were informed about the incident, they reached the hostel and took their daughter home. As a part of investigation, when police officials sent her for medical examination, it was declared that the girl had not been sexually assaulted. That was when officials questioned her strongly and the girl let truth come out.




The girl said that she is in love relationship with a man since she was 14 but her parents were reluctant to get them both married as they belong to different communities. Police officials  who were shocked on listening to her explanation warned the girl and her parents that severe action will be taken if the same is repeated in future.



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