03/10/16 4:00 PM

Rashmi turns Zombie


Zombie horror and comedy is a very popular genre in Hollywood. But this type of films are very rare on our Indian screens. Especially on South screen, we do not get to watch them very often. Slowly the trend has been changing and there are many zombie films that are coming up now. Recently we have seen first ever zombie film in Tamil cinema, Miruthan that is also dubbed into Telugu as Yama Pasham. The film received the mixed reports at the box office. Now it is Tollywood’s turn to give the zombie experience to its audience. Already a film is in the shaping stages. Television host Rashmi Gautam, who has recently sizzled in Guntur Talkies in an ultra glamorous role will next be seen as a zombie in her upcoming film that has been titled as Thanu Vachenanta. Thanu Vachenanta is first of its kind zomedy in Telugu film industry. Venkat Kacharla is directing this flick. The film will be hitting the screens soon.

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