12/31/15 5:20 PM

Ravi Teja in Bollywood Film?


Mass maharaja Ravi Teja is busy with handful of Tollywood offers. Is the Telugu actor really going to star in a Bollywood film? Coming to the point, the remake of Bollywood blockbuster film Race was planned in Telugu earlier. Director Ramesh Varma was supposed to remake Race that was to be produced under Bhavya Creations banner. Ravi Teja was the lead actor in consideration for the film. Ravi Teja would reprise Saif Ali Khan’s role and hero Gopichand appears in Akshay Khanna’s (negative) role as planned earlier. Remake rights of the film were bought but the film did not take off since Gopichand was not interested in playing a negative role. So, the film was shelved and Ramesh Varma directed Ravi Teja later in Veera which was a disaster.



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