04/9/16 5:11 PM

Record Release for Sardaar Gabbar Singh


Sardaar Gabbar Singh has created a new record for Telugu film overseas. In USA alone, the film is going to be screened in as many as 184 locations, which is one of the highest ever for a Telugu film and on April 7, more than 300 premiere shows have been scheduled throughout the US. Several shows are being added at the last minute to cater to the huge demand for the film. On the whole, the film is expected to release in close to 350 screens around the world (excluding India), which will include USA (184 screens), UAE (46), Australia and New Xealand (22), Canada (17), UK (15), Germany (13) Malaysia (1), Mexico (1), South Africa (1), Qatar (1), Kuwait (7), Bahrain (3), Oman (7).



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