06/15/15 6:13 AM

Thailand Boy Puts Red Ants in his Pants;What Happened Next?

This man has proved that craziness of youth these days is at peaks. A boy in Thailand who thought red ants could do nothing to him, stuffed them in his pants. It did not take long for the poor boy to regret his decision. The red fire ants gave him so mauch pain that he started crying in agony. His friends tried to aid him get rid of the ants by opening flow of water. A challenge taken up for fun has shown hell to him. Going into detail…




A young man in Rayong had a crazy thought of putting red ants in his pants. So, he decided to perform the stunt by rubbing some fire ants against genitals in front of his friends. His friends fetched a stem of a plant which has a nest of fiery ants, after which the boy got ready to perform the stunt.

He stripped down to his underwear in the middle of a road. While he called his friends like a super hero, they approached him with the stem containing ants and put it in his underpants. That was when the boy started shouting in pain. It was not one or two. A total of about 60-70 red ants bit him. The boy who could not tolerate the pain started screaming for help. His friends then came to his aid by opening a flow of water so he could get rid of the ants. But finally, the young boy ended up with no cloth on his body. A heroic act that he wanted to perform for fun has given him an unexpected and unforgettable experience. The video is now going viral over the internet.Have a look..





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