12/21/15 11:36 AM

Renu Desai about Nirbhaya Case

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Wife Renu Desai from earlier marriage is now staying in Pune with her kids Akira Nandan and Aadhya. Inspite of many disturbances in life, Renu Desai is leading a successful and happy life. But there is an issue that has moved her much. It is known that the juvenile rapist in Nirbhaya Case has been freed from prison. He is also given some financial assistance by the government. There have been several severe protests on this and Nirbhaya’s parents also took part in the protest. There are many people who are not happy with government’s decision of acquitting a gruesome rapist and here is what Renu Desai says about it.
“We should have the right to protect our family members! All of u keeping quiet today just realise & understand that u also have sisters at home who r equally at risk! All of us should raise our voice. I am going to contact my local MLA & put pressure on him & lobby for d “juvenile law” change! That is what I can do max as a responsible mother! I am doing this for Aadya! When she grows up I don’t want her to be asking me that mummy why didn’t u try to do something in ur capacity!. There is a very critical difference or a very thin line between justice done & law! In this case we needed justice!”

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