01/24/17 10:26 AM

Renu Desai Strong Reply To Followers

renu desai

Renu Desai is one of the celebrities who reveal opinions on burning issues. But some of her followers only expect her to talk about Pawan Kalyan or their kids Akira and Aadhya. This has irked her and she has come out with a strong statement for all those followers who expect her to comment on Pawan or kids.

“If you only follow me for kids pics, and are disappointed to see me comment on other things, don’t feel bad, we all make mistakes Jokes apart and in all seriousness, I’m not on here just to post cute pics of Aadya and Akira. Being a real/whole person is important to what I’m doing. When I express my social thought or politics, it’s not because I’m wanting attention or can’t help myself. It’s because I care & have a platform & it matters to me.” Renu Desai posted today on Twitter.

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