10/28/15 4:33 PM

Reply to BBC’s Writing on Amaravathi




A writer named Sriram Karri wrote an article titled ‘Is new India state capital Amaravati more bane than boon?’ on BBC news website, which is presently being discussed on various media. He is the author of a novel titled ‘Autobiography of a mad nation’, which also won an award from a company. He is worried that cutting down nearly a crore trees for construction of Amaravathi will result in ecological disaster.

It is true that there will be some loss incurred when a city is being built. Does that mean that we should not construct any? Why should anyone blabber when a state that has no capital city is building one? Western countries are 90% reasons for causing damage to environment, wars and violence in the world. Western media is very much used to poking others in the eye while mistakes lie on its own side. Shall we poke our own eyes without getting to understand this? What did they say? If 33,000 acres of fertile land is lost, the food reserve is at risk. How? If not this land, we will grow crops in some other piece of land. What’s wrong? People are too worried about ecology and environment now. Where have they all hidden themselves when injustice is being done to nearly 5 crore people? While all other countries in the world are designing and building skyscrapers, you want us to sit and do plantation? The ‘Western Media’ should feel ashamed before exhorting India to love nature! Has BBC turned blind eye to measures planned by AP government like aerial (helicopter) seeding in and around the capital city? Way back when Britishers ruled India, they struck down tress crores in number to fill empty boats after they downloaded in India. Has BBC forgotten this?

Those who have immense love for environment…you first try to the wars held by America. Observe and fight the illegitimate use of fuel, electricity in western countries and then you speak out about India. We will construct the city. We will build Amaravathi as a great city that stands as the pride of India. Try to be one among the helping hands if possible. If not, don’t hinder our path.



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