10/19/15 4:19 PM

RESUME – Recruiter Takes 7sec to Assess You!




RESUME/CV..The first and foremost thing to get ready for attending an interview. Lot of work and time is put in and several references are taken to prepare a resume by applicants. But do you know what the HR recruiters do once you send them your resume? They decide whether to call you for an interview or not by going through your resume for 7 seconds..Yes, just 7 seconds..How do they check 3 or 4-paged resumes and curriculum vitae in just 7 seconds? Because..they look only at a few crucial points in a resume. They are:

1.Summary by applicant and functional information (ability & areas of work).

2.Work experience (if any) and check if it is beneficial to their organization

3.Organizations which the applicant has works with, various levels of work he has done and duration he spent on each project.


5.Educational qualification/excellence and training courses that are mentioned.

Once the recruiter is satisfied with the above aspects in your resume/curriculum vitae, it will be forwarded to the next level. In this level, resume/cv will be scrutinized and decision on whether to call you for an interview or not will be made. So, if you want your resume to be forwarded to the next level, the above five aspects should be clear, straight and brief. You should definitely have a look at the video below to prepare a resume that will aid to your success in an interview.

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