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Revanth Case: 10 Q & A Shooting Straight..

Revanth Reddy’s bribery video and Chandrababu’s audio tapes have been creating political outrage since past two weeks in both telugu states. So, korada.com has acquired answers from political and constitutional experts to the questions that are being heard in both states. Here are the  questions and answers (Q & A) for you.




?:Does ACB have the authority to file case on Revanth Reddy? Or is it the Election Commission’s job?

A:ACB has the right because the case involves bribe. Election Commission can also investigate the case additionally.

?:Will Revanth’s Video be useful as a proof?

A:Yes, it will be. But video alone would not suffice. Some more proofs are required.

?:Is the sting operation conducted on Revanth lawful?

A:Yes. Most of ACB’s operations are like this. Generally, when those who are offering bribe intimate it to ACB, they catch the person receiving bribe red-handed. But in Revanth’s case, while the person receiving bribe complained, the person offering money was caught. That is the difference.

?:Will Chandrababu be in trouble because of Revanth saying ‘boss’ in the video?

A:No. If all other proofs support it, then Chandrababu may be booked.

?:Will Chandrababu’s audio tapes be regarded proofs?

A:Yes, if they are original. Other proofs are also required.

?:Can the Telangana government tap Chandrababu’s phone?

A:Suppose there is strong evidence that Chandrababu has done something wrong, it can. But legal permission is required. Since there are allegations that the Telangana government has tapped phones, it is not a tough task to create records of having taken permission. But in case permissions from center are required, then the Telangana government will be in trouble.

?:Would Revanth not have been caught if Article 8 was implemented?

A:Article 8 is not related to the matter.

?:If Article 8 was implemented, would Chandrababu have been out of trouble?

A:Article 8 has no relation with the issue. If it is implemented, the safety and security affairs of the states, not the anti-corruption force will lie in the hands of Governor.

?:Is there a loss for people of Andhra Pradesh due to tapping of phones?

A:Yes! Suppose an investor decides to invest in Andhra Pradesh and contacted the state’s government. If the conversation is heard by Telangana government, it may try to manipulate the investor towards investing in its state. Even during crime investigation, one state hearing the conversations of another state also causes loss.

?:Is Revanth’s case a dispute between the two states?

A:No. Revanth’s case and Chandrababu’s audio tapes are related to corruption. The dispute is not between states or their people. But if phones were tapped by Telangana government, it should be regarded as an issue which affects the people of Andhra Pradesh.



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