06/12/15 11:57 AM

Revanth Cash for Vote Effect: KCR to Promote an Officer



KCR has reportedly decided to promote ACB director AK Khan as the DGP of Telangana. Khan has sketched plans to trap Revanth Reddy in cash-for-vote issue. The officer efficiently updating details like corruption affairs in the state, list of officials involving in illegal affairs, political affairs etc., KCR decided to promote him as Telangana DGP. After the division of state, TRS has temporarily appointed Anurag Sharma as the DGP of separate Telangana. The Ministry of Home Affairs and UPSC recently questioned Telangana government that it has already been one year since division of the state and how long the TS will have a temporary DGP. In order to permanently fix Anurag Sharma in the position, UPSC told the Telangana state government that a proposal should be sent mentioning his name for the DGP. In case the state government wants a different DGP, a list of selective senior IPS officials has to be sent, said UPSC in its letter to the Telangana government. The government that responded to UPSC’s letter sent a list of 6 IPS officers to it.  The list has in it the name of ACB DG AK Khan also. AK Khan who served as the DG of ACB for united AP was continued in the same position in Telangana by KCR. KCR who is totally impressed with AK Khan’s work during the last one year has reportedly been stressing the central government on selecting him for the DGP of Telangana.



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