08/14/15 7:37 AM

Revanth Reddy About Change of Party & KCR


Cash-for-vote prime accused TDP MLA Revanth Reddy made sensational comments while addressing media when he attended ACB special court hearing today in Hyderabad. When a media-person questioned Revanth regarding speculations on change of political party, he said that they are rumors spread by useless people. ‘No change of party and no leaving KCR’ he mentioned, adding that there is no need of any second thought in the matter.


Revanth Reddy clearly said that he will continue fight against KCR’s government in cash-for-vote case. Scams by the government will not be revealed unless charge sheet is filed, he said. Revanth who expressed his faith in judiciary system mentioned that he will never step back in the fight that he started against government’s trap for him.



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