08/20/15 6:09 AM

Revanth Reddy Arrested in Mahbubnagar District

revanth reddy arrest

revanth reddy arrest


TDP MLA Revanth Reddy was arrested in Kodangal of Mahbubnagar district as he stopped Minister Jupally Krishna Rao who was there for inauguration of a Godown. Jupally was questioned why being regional MLA, Revanth was not called. Meanwhile, TDP activists stopped Jupally and started shouting slogans against government. Policemen initiated lathi charge, with which Revanth Reddy called for dharna. Before the situation there could be fueled much more, arrested Revanth Reddy and shifted him to Doultabad police station. TDP members who were aggravated with the arrest of their leader hurled stones at police vehicles, breaking glasses of jeeps. They later conducted dharna outside Doultabad police station, which resulted turmoil in the place.



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