08/3/15 11:01 AM

Revanth Reddy Composing Songs on KCR


TDP MLA Revanth Reddy has been restricted to his Kodangal constituency after being bailed in cash-for-vote case. Revanth had to distance himself from proper politics since then. Apart from spending his time for people of the constituency, Revanth Reddy involved himself in another artistic work. He is getting an album of songs ready on Telugu Desam Party along with a writer, singer belonging to Nalgonda district.




Revanth Reddy is touching all aspects related to Telangana in the album that comprises of 5 songs. He is getting a sequel ready for ‘Telugu Desam Pilusthondhi..Ra Kadhali Ra’ song that got immense craze. Another song ‘Endhukosam…Evari kosam’ about Telangana TDP covers benefits that Telangana enjoyed because of TDP in past, the necessity of TDP in Telangana, history of the party in Telangana. Questioning why celebrations were not done after Telangana formation in Osmania University where the crucial revolution for separate Telangana took place, ‘KCR intiki mirumitlu golipe velugulu…osmania ku cheekatlu’ song is getting ready. A song that questions where separate Telangana activists Kodhanda Ram, Gaddar, Andhesri, Vimalakka, Goreti Venkanna and others had gone post separation of Telangana is being composed. Revanth Reddy is getting one more song composed conveying unsolved issues in Telangana, analyzing KCR’s rule. Revanth is planning to finish soon get these songs sung by popular singers and grandly release the album. Seeing the craze that song on ‘Revanth’ had got while he was in jail, Revanth has decided to continue it with these 5 songs, say his close associates.



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