06/1/15 12:36 PM

Revanth Reddy Issue Discussed in AP Cabinet Meeting



AP CM Chandrababu Naidu insisted ministers that Nava Nirman Deeksha should take place in way that it inspires people. In the AP Cabinet Meeting that was held today, some important issues were discussed. Marine, Food processing and others have been approved by the cabinet. The cabinet of ministers has decided to give away 1.20 thousand fresh pensions. Talks about the Abkari procedure have been postponed for next cabinet meet. Discussions were held on the Janmabhoomi-Maavooru programme that is going to be held between 3rd and 7th of June. Chandrababu Naidu reportedly spoke about Revanth Reddy’s arrest in the meeting held today. TRS is trying to defame TDP with its tantrums and this was all a trap by KCR, Babu said, say sources.



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