06/4/15 6:30 AM

Revanth Reddy Reluctant to Meet TDP MLAs

Revanth-Reddy jail


Revanth Reddy who has been remanded in cash-for-vote case by court is reluctant to meet TDP MLAs. The Telangana TDP MLA refused to speak to the TDP leaders Maganti Gopinath, Prakash Goud who visited Cherlapalli jail to talk to him today. Revanth Reddy told the jail staff to allow only his family members to visit to nobody else. TDP MLAs Dhulipalla Narendra and Payyaavula Kesav met Revanth Reddy yesterday in jail. The IT department (Income Tax) on the other hand is making grounds ready to inquire Revanth Reddy regarding who gave the money of Rs. 50 lakh that he tried to give to Stephenson as bribe.



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