10/17/15 10:39 AM

RGV Comments on Chiranjeevi 150th Film




Rumors that Mega Star Chiranjeevi is going to star in remake of super hit Tamil film Kaththi are being circulated but there is no official announcement on it yet. Latest buzz is that it is almost confirmed and VV Vinayak will be director megastar in the film. Even RGV confirmed the same. He feels that it is a rumor and should not become true. He wants Mega Star Chiranjeevi to make a brand new film and not a remake of any other. “Congrats on 100 days to Bahubali Rajmouli Real Bruce Lee of Cinema..Rajmouli sir pls tweet ur feet for all us wannabe Bruce Lee’s to touch. And I hope rumours are wrong and telugu Mega Star for 151st will not do copy of Tamil film and be as mega original as Rajmouli in Bahubali. No matter how big Rajmouli is,Mega is bigger and Telugus will be hurt if Mega imports Tamil pride while Rajmouli is exporting telugu pride. As a Mega fan,My sincere request to Mega Star is to do a Mega original film better than Bahubali as Mega 151st and not copy a Tamil film. My sincere request to all Mega fans is to sincerely request Mega to be original and uplift Telugu pride and not copy frm Tamil for his 151st. Mega in his Telugu leader status to copy a Tamil film is back stab for Telugu Pride..So I hope that he’s doing a Tamil copy film is rumour,” RGV tweeted.




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