06/5/15 10:24 AM

RGV Controversial Tweets about Maggi after Ban..

RGV has been habituated to triggering controversy with his statements. He recently made some comments about Maggi on social media. While issues have been happening all over India about high level chemical substances in Maggi noodles, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted in support of the product. He posted that he has been consuming more Maggi ever since the ban of the noodles. Since Maggi is attractive and tasty, the director said that he will never stop eating it even if the product is banned. In every product, there will be some ingredient or the other that is more or less in quantity in it, then why should only Maggi be banned, he questioned. Harmful products like cigarettes and alcohol will be sold openly, can anyone examine the Tirupathi Laddu or can atleast 100 hotels be examined, RGV questioned. He demanded that like Maggi, Amul, Cadbury and Colgate should also be tested. Before Maggi could be blamed, he said that the fish markets and roadside hotels should be cleaned up. He also hoped that the blame on Maggi will soon be taken aback.






The kind of cleanliness we hv nd maintain in our country it’s a joke to target packaged contents no matter what is beyond permissible in it

— Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) June 3, 2015




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