01/1/16 12:25 PM

RGV Killing Veerappan Release Postponed

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial film Killing Verrappan, which crossed all the hurdles was all set for a grand release on 1st January ie., on New Year day. But unfortunately, the film which was slated for release today has been postponed and the news has been confirmed by the director himself. The film has a few last minute glitches in censor formalities. And this is the reason for the film not releasing on time. Ram Gopal Varma says that there was a delay in the censor procedural and the makers of the film have postponed it as they have no other choice.
The Kannada version will release tomorrow and there is no change in it. The new date for Telugu version of Killing Veerappan will be announced very soon. Starring Shivaraj Kumar in the lead role, Killing Verrappan is a crime thriller based on Operation Cocoon which was the secret operation to kill the dreaded smuggler Verrappan. The film has Sandeep Bharadwaj playing the role Veerappan. “Due to a censor procedural delay telugu version of Killing Veerappan is not releasingtmrw …only the Kannada version is releasing tmrw. Kannada version “Killing Veerappan” is releasing tmrw January 1st as per schedule…Release date of telugu version will be announced soon.” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted about the film’s postponement on Twitter yesterday.

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