02/27/16 10:25 AM

RGV receives Grand Welcome


The master genius Ram Gopal Varma is known for making sensational doings and is always first to stun people. The sensational director is now in Vijayawada for the research work regarding his film Vangaveeti. Ram Gopal Varma seems to have struck a right chord befriending Devineni Nehru in making the most controversial film Vangaveeti and he has received a grand welcome in Vijayawada that he never got it in his entire career. Ram Gopal Varma was welcomed to Vijaywawada with rallies of 400 cars and 1000 bikes arranged, probably, by Devineni Nehru says the sources. Ramu is now making the film titled Vangaveeti. One more interesting aspect is that both Ram Gopal Varma and Devineni Nehru have travelled together and reached Vijayawada. Also, there were several posters and hoardings about the film ‘s poster all around. The maverick director will be meeting Ranga’s wife Ratna Kumari and Ranga’s son. More details regarding Ram Gopal Varma ‘s Vijayawada visit will be revealed soon.



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