12/28/15 11:03 AM

RGV Satire on NTR. Sr

Nannaku Prematho audio was launched yesterday. Theatrical trailer has got instant response from everyone. All appreciated the makers and especially the director for making such a fantastic film which also has got some brilliant visuals. The theatrical trailer reveals that there is a good subject in the film and it looks completely different from all the routine stuff we get to watch every time. Now, Ram Gopal Varma has also watched the trailer and he appreciated the film unit in his style on Twitter.
“From Sr Ntr restricting telugu to regional cinema I congratulate Jr Ntr for taking telugu cinema into hollywood space..Kudos Sukumar. Not on a visual or a scale scape but just on a sheer extreme honest intention level Sukumar’s effort is more than Bahubali. Tarak finally broke the stupidity of dictatorial oldness and rocketed into evolutionary newness. Tarak brought ultimate classiness to outdated massiness..if NTR sees in heaven he will come down nd hug his grandson. Dictators regress and evolutionaries progress..Tarak u are the only true fucking worthy heir of the Adavi Ramudu. Tarak will not put full stop in dictatorial way but he will keep questioning in a quest of replying to progressive cinema. If N T Rama Rao from heaven can see the trailer of Nannaku Prematho,he will be proud of Tarak as his one and only one true descendant. What I love about the promo of  Nannaku Prematho is that it doesn’t behave like a dictator demanding love..it actually commands love.” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.

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