02/8/16 10:45 AM

RGV says Pawan does not Understand Own Speech


Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has been busy working on his next films in Mumbai. He took time to watch the press meet of Pawan Kalyan regarding the Tuni agitation. The issue is presently the hot topic in both the Telugu states now. RGV has come out with a series of tweets on Pawan’s press meet and expresses a doubt that whether Pawan Kalyan understood his own speech or not. He said that Pawan Kalyan was influenced by someone travelling with him in car. “Ippude P K thuni kaapu problem press meet choosanu..thanicchina speech thana kanna ardhamaindha ani naa doubt? Thuni problem speech,Pk press meet kosthunnappudu carlo thana pakkanunna vaadi cheppudu maataltho influence ayyi icchina speech. Kammala manasthathwamunna Kaapula kanna swachchamaina kammala manasunna kaapulu bahu melu ..vishwadhabirama vinura vema. Pk ki andhrapradesh pourudigaa naa vijnapthi… okkasaari meerichchina jana sena speech meeku meere choosukuni meere nerchukondi. P k abhimanigaa nenu vyakthaparichina nijaalani vyathirekinchina ye PK fan ayina naa drishtilo nammaka drohi. P k should see his jana sena launch speech on repeat mode to understand what he is before screwing it up worse than his brother. My request to all PK fans is that since u all know in ur heart what the truth is u should tell him with as much honesty as how I am telling. Truth is,there are kammas in kaapus nd there are kaapus in kammas just like there’s kalyan in Chiranjeevi nd there’s Chiranjeevi in Kalyan.” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.



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