02/8/16 2:03 PM

RGV Talkies Release Debut Dedicated to Censor Board



We know very well the differences that RGV has had with Censor board head Dhanalakshmi in past. Though the situation is calmed down, it seems like Ram Gopal Varma ‘s anger has not got down. RGV launched a digital theatre named RGV Talkies. He said that his will dedicate the release of first short film Single X in RGV Talkies to the censor board. The theatre shows films that have erotic, crime, horror stories. RGV mentioned that love and sex comedies will not be entertained. Here is what the film maker tweeted about his new Talkies.

“I am soon launching an online theatre called RGVtalkies which will 1st release my debut short film called “Single X”. My interest in digital space is,I don’t need to restrict content for censor purposes nd feature length requirements. RGVtalkies will not restrict to only films made by me but it will release films made by anyone suiting my taste. First look of my debut short film “Single X” soon to be released in #RGVtalkies. #RGVtalkies will release erotic,crime,horror etc genres..in short anything which dark,gritty and shocking. #RGVtalkies will not under any circumstances release films made on God because I don’t believe in God. #RGVtalkies will in no way release films made on sports because I hate sports. #RGVtalkies will never release Romantic comedies and Sex comedies because I take both Love and Sex very seriously.

I am going to dedicate my #RGVtalkies release debut film “Single X” to the Censor Board”.



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