06/16/15 7:04 AM

RGV Twitter: Photos of Laden & Hitler Posted



Director RGV who stands first at making controversial comments over any issue is well known for it. Recently, he posted photos of the dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler and dangerous terrorist Osama bin Laden. Posting the childhood pictures of Hitler, Ram Gopal Varma commented, how cute the boy is. Do we expect such a boy to grow up to result in the death of 60 million people? His name is Adolf Hitler. RGV posted Laden’s photos of his childhood, youth and pictures of his children. On the childhood pic, he commented, The name of this kid is Osama bin Laden… He announced war over America but went and resided in caves. On the photo of Laden when he was young, Varma commented, Inspired by Bruce Lee, Laden practiced Karate.







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