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RGV Wishes Jesus on his Birthday

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Whatever Ram Gopal Varma does becomes sensational for sure. This time, RGV has come up with interesting tweets on the occasion of Christmas festival. He posted several tweets on film and festival and brings in Hindu God into the self discussion. We are very much aware of RGV’s tweets which he seems to be posting when he gets tipsy. He does not hesitate to reveal something which he wants to say and here is what he posted on his Twitter timeline yesterday, wishing Merry Christmas to everyone. “If Jesus loves everyone does he love ISIS also? -Just asking. In a full on physical fight between Jesus and Allah I doubt Jesus will win because of the way Jesus’s biceps look..just saying. If just Romans could kill Jesus in such a horrifically brutal way I shudder to think what ISIS would have done to Jesus? I worship Lord Hanuman because of his awesome biceps,8 packs and tremendous thigh muscles ..I think he can beat Ram too in a fist fight. Ram without his bow and arrows if he fights the muscle hunk Hanuman,will he win?..just asking. I really want to know from Christians who believe Jesus loves everyone to tell me whether Jesus also loves Abu Bakr the leader of ISIS ? if Jesus loves everyone from Abu Baqr of ISIS to also Alqaeda members shouldn’t Americans review their own God instead of checking Mosques.

Many happy returns of the day Mr.Jesus!,and after eating Santa’s chocolates please see if u can do anything about ISIS..which I doubt. If both are Great and Ram has arrows and Hanuman has muscles is it because Ram was smarter than Hanuman,that he was God?-just asking. If Ram instead of an arrow just had a gun and Ravana had a bomb I wonder what would have happened in the final war? -Just asking. If Ram is God instead of inventing the atomic bomb then itself why he waited for the Jesus sponsored Americans to invent it?” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.

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