07/22/15 8:39 AM

Rishikeswari Suicide-Are Female Seniors Involved?


The facts in suicide case of Rishikeswari who was pursuing B.Arch in Acharya Nagarjuna University are slowly coming into light. Though police officials said earlier that this was not a consequence of ragging, they started to inquire from that perspective. Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao was dismayed on reading Rishikeswari’s suicide note that was written under the name ‘The Last Note’ and ordered police to speed up investigation. That was when shocking facts came into light. As the girl had the habit of maintaining a personal diary, it is known that police arrested and remanded 3 seniors based on it.




Reason for Rishikeswari’s suicide is she was forced to walk half-nude and videos were captured..

One day before Rishikeswari could commit suicide ie., on 13th of this month, students say that she went to watch a movie for first show on Tuesday night in Mangalagiri. As a senior student grabbed her waist and misbehaved, the girl left theatre and went back to hostel amidst the movie. A female senior, as told by some guys, ordered Rishikeswari to roam half-nude in their hostel and that this was punishment for not obeying seniors, say other students.The girl who feared that she would be punished more if she does not do it, roamed semi-nude in the hostel.

The female senior captured video of Rishikeswari and showed it to other seniors the immediate day. The girl who came to know later that some boys saved her video in their phones and are watching it, left to hostel midday, put a suicide note in her diary and committed suicide by hanging herself to ceiling fan, say sources. Police who found the above details are investigating thoroughly in the case.



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