07/29/15 8:14 AM

Rishikeswari Suicide: Investigation Begins




Investigation began in the suicide case of Rishikeswari, B.Arch student of Acharya Nagarjuna University today. The committee headed by retired IAS officials Bala Subrahmayam will carry out the investigation procedure. The 4-membered committee questioned University staff in different angles. Bala Subrahmanyam who addressed media said that they would be staying in the University premises during the next 3 days. He said that the committee will speak to professors, hostel in-charges and students to find out facts regarding the case and will have a meeting with the Student Rights Commissions tomorrow. Also, students’ opinions will be asked to be sent through emails regarding the case, the retired official said. Taking all factors and opinions into account, a final report will be submitted within 5 days, said Bala Subrahmanyam.



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