08/14/15 6:43 AM

Rishiteswari Suicide: 2nd Dairy Found


Suicide case of Nagarjuna University student Rishiteswari has taken a new turn. A second diary written by Rishiteswari before committing suicide was found by her parents Murali Krishna and Durga Bhai, who handed it over to superior officials. In this dairy, Rishiteswarti reportedly wrote about all the harassment that she suffered right from joining the University. She mentioned how seniors tortured her and the problems faced by her were written in 13 pages by Rishiteswari. One of diary of hers’ is already being examined. The second dairy that came into light lately has twisted the case. It is known that senior students Hanisha, Jaya Charan, Srinivas were already arrested regarding the case.




Rishiteswari mentioned names of seniors who harassed her but their names were struck off and X was written in their place. With this, the senior students alleged that the names in mentioned in Rishiteswari’s diary are not theirs’. However, the Rishiteswari clearly mentioned their names in her second dairy. In this dairy, she mentioned that Srinivas and Jaya Charan forced her several times to love them and also misbehaved with her many times. Senior student Hanisha also forced her many times to get into relationship with those senior, as she wrote in her diary. Since Rishiteswari did not accept it, Hanisha, Jaya Charan and Srinivas reportedly spread rumours about illegal relation between Rishiteswari and Jitendra, who Hanisha treats as a brother.

Rishiteswari wrote that apart from harassment by these three seniors, two other guys named Abhishek and Adithya also proposed love to her, upon which she said she was shocked. With this, she mentioned that she was in a confused state, not knowing who to believe and who to not. Rishiteswari very clearly mentioned he is committing suicide, being unable to tolerate the harassment by seniors. Guntur police officials who received the diary have reportedly transported the dairy to laboratory in Hyderabad to confirm whether the handwriting in the diary is Rishiteswari’s or not.



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