08/5/15 8:42 AM

Rishiteswari Suicide Case: 5 Names Struck Off in Dairy


A twist is observed in the suicide case of Acharya Nagarjuna University student Rishiteswari, leading to fresh further suspicions. Rishiteswari wrote in her dairy about the bitter experiences she had in the University before committing suicide. No details about those 5 pages were revealed so far. It is only ‘My Last Note’ suicide note written by Rishiteswari that was disclosed by police. The girl’s parents alleged that even they were not shown the dairy of their daughter by police. According to a source, Rishiteswari mentioned names of a few persons who misbehaved with her on Fresher’s Day party at Hai Lands at Chinakakani in April 2014. The five names included in the girl’s dairy were struck off, leading to suspicion as to whether the names were struck off by the girl herself or some other persons. The names written in blue ink were struck off and Mx. X was written in the same. Suspicion is arising that someone might have entered Rishiteswari’s room after she committed suicide and did this. The fresh twist has left behind many doubts among people and police.




The committee lead by retired IAS official Bala Subrahmanyam continued investigation in Rishiteswari suicide case this morning. Committee members are fetching details regarding the girl in ANU. They are conduction opinion poll and fetching information through e-mail as well. Final report on Rishiteswari’s suicide case will soon be submitted to government, said Bala Subrahmanyam.



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