08/7/15 9:56 AM

Rishiteswari Suicide Latest Twist: Another Name Revealed


A fresh twist is observed in suicide case of Rishiteswari, B.Arch student of Acharya Nagarjuna University. The name ‘Jitender’ has come into light. Rishiteswari reportedly had a long chat with Jitender on phone before committing suicide. She sent a message that reads ‘I Miss You’ to Jitender, who inturn questioned Rishiteswari why she would miss him. She replied saying that she is getting busy. Police officials have recovered call data of Rishikeswari. Her parents visited her in the hostel two days before the girl died.




Police suspect that the suicide note in Rishiteswari’s diary might not have been written by her. They are investigating to known whether she or someone else had written it. So, the suicide note and a tab used by her have been sent to Forensic Science Laboratory for examination. The FSL  experts said that they would soon be providing a report on the same.



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