09/2/15 7:07 AM

Rishiteswari Suicide: Verbal War in Assembly

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The speaker permitted discussion on ragging in Assembly. In this context, YCP leader Roja fired on government for dragging Nagarjuna University student Rishiteswari’s suicide case and not arresting the accused. He alleged that they are giving up after arresting just three guilty ones. TDP leaders came down on Roja for her words. Thus a verbal war was witnessed in assembly between two groups. TDP leader Dhulipala said that Roja should put a check to politically accusing leaders. He mentioned that government is strictly looking into ragging issue.


Rishiteswari (1)


YCP MLAs who took part in the discussion commented that University was drowned in caste discrimination. Government is showing dual tone in the matter, they said. TDP Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao who reacted to these comments said that action will be taken against those who are involved in ragging. He mentioned that committee already questioned 172 members in Rishiteswari suicide case.


Ragging (1)


Home Minister Chinarajappa who reacted to the comments of YCP leaders said that those guilty in Rishiteswari suicide case will definitely be punished, whatever background they are from. He said that investigation is being carried out and guilty will soon be known and arrested. Principal Babu rao was dismissed as an action taken against the case, he said. Old students will not be sent outside and outsiders are not allowed inside the campus, he said. Once video evidence is obtained, the minister said that guilty will immediately be arrested.



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