12/19/15 4:24 PM

Roja Used Mahesh Pokiri Dialogue in Assembly


It is known that Roja’s sever comments on CM in assembly session yesterday have landed her in tough situation. She has been suspended from assembly for 1 year by Speaker Kodela. While YS Jagan protested against suspension of YCP MLA, Finance & Legislative Affairs Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu Yanamala clearly stated that even the court does not have the right to questions decisions made by Assembly. Minister Acchennaidu who intervened between the two spoke about derogatory comments made by YCP MLA Roja. The TDP leader fired saying that Roja is shouting out filmy dialogues in assembly. Acchennaidu mentioned that Roja said yesterday, “Sabha lo juniors seniors antu vundaru, bullet dhigindha? Ledha?” (Pokiri dialogue-Eppudochaam ani kadhu annayya, bullet dhigindha? Ledha?). He said that Roja targeted the leader of the house, Chief Minister Chandrababu and Speaker Kodela Sivarprasad Rao. He accused Roja of reaching up to Babu and creating ruckus in the assembly with objectionable slogans. He made clear that other opposition leaders who adopt this kind of behavior will also have to face the same. He said that suspension of TDP politician Karanam Balaram of Prakasam district for allegedly making comments against speaker during former CM Rajasekhar Reddy’s (late0) period should not be forgotten.



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