08/7/15 5:58 AM

Rs.1.5 Cr Found in Parked Car in Nalgonda


Police recovered Rs.1.5 crore from a car parked two days ago near Hitech bus stand in Suryapet of Nalgonda district. We found that it was the money stolen from Bijapur ICICI bank in Karnataka three days ago, said DSP AM Abdul Rasheed in a press meet.




A Ford Fiesta Classic (KA 28 N 9119) was parked in woods since two days, 50 metres away from walkway that leads from platform where Khammam buses are parked to outside of the Hitech bus stand of Suryapet. It did not bother anyone for two days as the bus stand is ever busy and it was believed to belong to some passengers. On receiving orders from SP, the DSP, rural CI Narsimha Reddy, SI Srinivas and Santosh reached the spot and broke the car’s dicky open with the help of a JCB. The found a cloth bag, upon opening which they discovered currency notes of Rs.1000 amounting to Rs.20 lakh and notes of Rs.500 amounting to Rs.1.30 crore. They secured the money at police station. The car was also shifted to police station with the help of JCB.

The stamp of Bijapur ICICI bank was found on currency notes. Three days ago, while transporting the money that was stolen from Bijapur bank, the car was abandoned at Suryapet bus stand, say sources. After taking an employee of bank into custody and investigating, Karnataka police got to know whereabouts of the burglar gang. The thieves reportedly agreed to have committed the robbery and having left the car in Suryapet. As per the information provided by them, police officials here seized the money. Registration of the car was done under the name Fakruddin Ahmed Sadaf in Bijapur on 2nd may this year. Suryapet police started investigating the case.



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