01/30/16 2:20 PM

Rs.60 Lakhs for Heroine’s Red Hair Color


Our film producers spend lakhs of rupees on bikes of heroes or on expensive dresses for heroines in introduction scenes. Since film makers are seeing things like this with great importance the amount of money they  are spending on them also increased and now reached nearly 50 lakhs, 1 crore. Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif has recently coloured her hair in red by spending Rs.60 lakhs. True, Katrina got it done for her upcoming film Fitoor. The actress will be seen with hair colored in a special shade of red in the film. Professionals who could color hair in that shade are not present in Mumbai. So, Katrina had to get it colored by a hair stylist in London. In this context, Katrina visited once in every three months whenever shade faded. Since she went to London about four times last year, producer of Fitoor had to spend nearly Rs.60 lakhs which includes Katrina’s accommodation in star hotels as well. This is now the hot topic in Bollywood. Fitoor movie is based on Great Expectations novel written by Charles Dickens and is up for release on February 12th.



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