06/3/15 5:49 AM

RTC Officially Bifurcated; APSRTC Loses Greatness

RTC that had been operating unitedly has officially been bifurcated today. Officials belonging to a state will work under the RTC of respective state. Seperation of employees based on their region was already done earlier. RTC MD Sambasiva Rao had suddenly brought the options into picture, to which the Telangana government did not agree, after which many arguments and difference of opinions arose, resulting in the decision of operating RTC separately in the two telugu states starting from 3rd june. Thus, RTC has been divided into two.




The APSRTC which owns the world record of largest fleet of buses and the largest bus operator in the world will not have the credit in future as it would soon be bifurcated. The RTC would be operating as APSRTC and TSRTC in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana respectively.APSRTC will start functioning from from Block-A of Bus Bhavan in RTC cross roads and TSRTC from Block-B. Sambasiva Rao who is the MD of united APSRTC will be the MD for APSRTC only in the coming days. The Joint Manager of united APSRTC will be appointed as the MD of TSRTC temporarily.



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