05/6/15 5:43 AM

RTC Strike: What’s wrong with Visionary CMs Chandrababu & KCR?!

KCR-and-Chandrababu-shake-hands-at-Begumpet-Airport-10__1430881578_49.207.168.232 (1)

KCR-and-Chandrababu-shake-hands-at-Begumpet-Airport-10__1430881578_49.207.168.232 (1)


Reaching office by 11 am, going for tea at 11:30 am, back to work at 12 noon, taking lunch break from 1 pm to 2:30 pm, back to seat by 2:30 pm, recess from 3 to 4 pm, organizing files at 4:30 pm, leaving office by 5pm… This is the schedule of many at workplace. They hardly work for two or three hours in a day. “Salary is for attending the duty, bribe is for working at office” is the policy followed by many government employees. Right from a certificate to sanctioning of bills, they have to be bribed for everything. For such great service offered by them to public, both the telugu states have given fitment of 43% to their employees. An extra burden of Rs. 15 thousand crores has been laid on people in both states.

Consider RTC… Drivers and conductors should work for 8 hours per day. It is not possible for a driver to be seated and act as if he is driving. Also he cannot demand passengers for bribe in order to drive a bus. Some conductors keep one or two rupees of passengers without returning to them. No other massive corruption could take place with drivers and conductors. Governments have been playing dramas when RTC employees who work 8 hours per day and with no possible corruption are demanding hike in salaries. RTC might be under public sector undertaking but the role of RTC in development in AP and Telangana, especially for rural areas is priceless. RTC might be in losses. If AP government is in debts, why did it to announce fitment of 43%? Are our visionary Chief Minister not able to realize the adverse effects of hiking salaries of government employees? There is nothing wrong in offering salaries to RTC employees (who don’t even have pension facility) on par with other government employees. And coming to RTC losses, do they even matter for the wealthy Telangana and the Singapore to be, Andhra Pradesh?!

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