10/8/15 1:14 PM

Rudhramadevi will be a Hit or Not?




Anushka is starring in and as Rudhramadevi, the mighty queen of Kakatiya Dynasty and the film is all set for release on 9th October (tomorrow). Will Rudhramadevi score a hit or not? Let us see..


Chances of Rudhramadevi scoring a hit:

Good Story

Rudhramadevi’s live involves many struggles and guile.Since Ganapathy Deva has no son, he decides to crown his daughter as queen of the kingdom. His idea gets a great deal of opposition. How Rudhramadevi faces all revolt and becomes the queen, what she does after being crowned are interesting. Since it is a film, a blend of twists and emotions can be added. So, Rudhramadevi could possibly score marks as a great story.


Best-suited Artists in Roles

If artists fit in well in characters in a film, it achieves half-success. This is an advantage in Rudhramadevi movie. It has an impressive cast that includes Anushka, Rana, Allu Arjun, Prakash Raj, Krishnam Raju, Nithya Menon etc. So it has already succeeded to certain extent.


Lack of great expectations

Since Rudhramadevi is an epic being released post blockbuster hit like Baahubali, a sign of interest is seen in public on the film. Gunasekhar not scoring a proper hit in recent past, release of film being postponed several times, low quality graphics in first trailer have all led to low expectations on Rudhramadevi. So, if the film is just normal, it would get a good/satisfactory talk. This could lead to success of the film.


Sympathy on the cinema

Tollywood audiences have become well aware of efforts put in by Gunasekhar to bring a great epic forward for them and the struggle he faced through media coverage. Many wish that this film should help Gunasekhar bag a hit. This sympathy will aid success of Rudhramadevi.


3D Format

3D technology gives a different experience to audiences, which would be a plus for Rudhramadevi.


What could lead to failure of Rudhramadevi?

1.In case Anushka’s character has indulged in extraneous affairs in order to add commercial elements to the film, it would be a negative point for Rudhramadevi.

2.Ilayaraja is a music maestro. But audio of Rudhramadevi is not impressive. It would go well only if picturization of songs is great.

3.Graphics: Quality graphics as in Baahubali are not possible in Rudhramadevi with respect to budget. So, lack of such high quality graphics is acceptable; provided they are not of very low quality.


All aspects taken into consideration, Rudhramadevi has 70% chances for a hit and 30% chances for a flop. Let us hope Rudhramadevi brings a hit for Gunasekhar. All the best Guna & team.



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