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Rudhramadevi Review ECG | Anushka | Allu Arjun | Gunasekhar

rudramadevi review

rudramadevi review and rating


Gunasekhar’s dream project Rudhramadevi has finally arrived at theatres. He put in vigorous efforts to make Rudhramadevi a historical hit. Is he successful in doing so? Let’s see..


Ganapathi Devudu (Krishnam Raju) is the king of Kakatiya dynasty. Kingsmen Hara Hara Devudu (Suman), Murari Devudu (Aditya Menon) get to know from a priest that the king would not be blessed with a baby boy. So, if a baby girl is delivered by Ganapathi Devudu’s pregnant wife, they think that they can take over the kingdom after the king. Somamba, the queen, gives birth to a baby girl as expected and she will be named Rudhramba. Fearing that kingsmen and vassals would disfigure the kingdom, King Ganapathi Devudu and Minister Siva Devaiah (Prakash Raj) conceal the truth about birth of the baby girl. They announce that the queen gave birth to a son. As announced, they name the child as Rudhra Devudu. Chalukya Veerabhadra (Rana), the childhood friend of Rudhramba belives she is a boy. Rudhramba sometimes dresses as a girl and goes out of the Fort through a secret tunnel. One day, Chalukya Veerabhadrudu falls in love with Rudhramba on seeing her as a woman. She also falls in love with him. But Rudhramba who is determined that welfare of people of Kakatiya kingdom is more important than her love decides to continue as a man. Kakatiya kingdom faces trouble because of a burglar named Gona Ganna Reddy. On the other hand, Mahadeva Nayakudu (Vikramjeet) makes plans to occupy the Kakatiya kingdom. How does Rudhramba face all such issues? Do people in the kingdom come to know that Rudhra Devudu is not a man but a woman? If so, do they accept her as their queen? What happens next?…makes the remaining part of the story.


Anushka’s performance as Rudhra Devudu and Rudhramba is extraordinary. She amazingly acted as Rudhramba who grows up as Rudhra Devudu and later as a brave queen who fights for her kingdom and people. Rana as Chalukya Veerabhadra has not much importance in the film character wise. Scenes in which he appears are not of much prominence in the film. His action in the character is not very impressive. Allu Arjun who appears as Gona Ganna Reddy simply nailed it. His dialogues in Telangana slang are an entertainment to audiences. Allu Rjun fit in very well in the role Gona Ganna Reddy. Next character to be discussed is Prakah Raj’s. He is the right person for the role. His dialogues and performance in several scenes is impressive. Krishnam Raju did well in the scope his role has. The film has more characters than those necessary. Other artists’ performance is not bad.


Technicians of Rudhramadevi worth discussing are Ilayaraja, Ajay Vincent, Thota Tarani, Paruchuri Brothers. Three songs composed by Ilayaraja are good but they are not situational. Background score by Ilayaraja is alright. Sets designed by Thota Tarani are great. Graphics in Rudhramadevi are not very impressive. They lack naturality. Gunasekhar did not succeed in showing well to audiences the history of Rudhramadevi. Characters in the film may confuse audiences. Everyone might not be aware of Rudhramadevi’s history. If one such person has to watch this film, he would feel uncomfortable. Gunasekhar’s words that it is very difficult to show long history in a film that lasts for 2 hrs 38 min sounds true on  watching this film. As Rudhramadevi is shown as a male, Rudhrama Devudu during entire first half of the film, audiences do not feel they are watching Rudhramadevi. There are only a few emotional dialogues by Anushka and scenes that display Rudhramadevi’s bravery. Only during climax, in war scenes, her endeavour is established. Gunasekhar is not able to get audiences involved in the story.


Due to lack of continuity in showing Rudhramadevi’s birth, how she is brought up as a boy, her daring acts, how she fought with enemies and saved her kingdom and songs that are not situational has affected flow in the film. First half is fine with scenes like Rudhramadevi not being established as a girl, everyone treating her as a boy, Chalukya Veerabhadra falling in love with her. Gona Ganna Reddy’s dialogues in Telangana slang are entertaining. Second half suffers a lag due to showing Rudhra Devudu for half time and then being introduced to kingdom as Rudhramadevi, a song with ladies-in-waiting, people abandoning as they are against crowing a woman to rule their kingdom. These scenes lacked intensity and could not connect well with audiences. They wait for the film to end as the climax war scene lasts too long. Though Rudhramadevi’s history is legendary, since it is not well shown in the film, audiences fell they are watching a regular film. Since there is no scope for addition of scenes in this kind of movies, there are more chances of audiences getting bored. Since the story pertains to history of Telugu people, it definitely needs a one-time watch. Destiny decides how audiences would receive the film directed by Gunasekhar with a lot of efforts and what result would be obtained.


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