01/11/16 1:18 PM

Russian Doctor Kills Patient with One Punch


A Russian doctor killed a patient with one punch for touching a nurse. The visuals of this incident that took place in Belgorod city in Russia are being aired on various news channels and are also seen on all social media websites.

In the CCTV footage, a doctor named Ilya Zelendinov confronts a patient named Yevgeny Bakhtin and asks why he had touched a nurse. He then pushes the 56-year-old patient to the doorway. As soon as the man comes back, the doctor punches him in the face and the man collapses. When a relative of the patient tries to stop the doctor, he gave blows to that man as well. As the hospital staff members arrive, they notice the patient lying on the floor for more than one minute and try to save him. But the man is dead already. The Russian authorities ordered probe into the incident. Russian Police filed case against the doctor and started investigation. As per a statement released on 9th January, the incident took place on 29th December. There has been a delay in investigation procedure and the doctor is expected to be sentenced for a span of two years.



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