10/31/15 4:03 PM

Egypt Plane Crash; 217 Passengers Onboard




A Russian airplane A-321 with as many 217 passengers onboard, travelling to St Petersburg crashed over Sinai in Egypt. The plane initially went missing and was lost from RADARs 23 minutes after taking off. Office of Sherif Ismail, Prime Minister of Egypt confirmed that the plane went missing and a committee was formed to look into the matter. Most of the passengers are Russian tourists and 7 crew members are present in the plane. There were mixed reports regarding crash of plane. But it is seen that wrecked plane was found and 50 ambulances have been rushed to site of crash. Prime Minister of Russia, vladimir Putin has order probe in the issue. Of the 217 passengers, 17 are children. Some officials said that the crash was due to technical failure. 100 bodies have been recovered so far, said an Egyptian aviation official.



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