05/19/15 8:50 AM

Saddened by Bifurcation of State, AP Tops in Alcohol Sales




Saddened by the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state, or due to decision of helping government recover from low budget, people of AP are consuming alcohol on large scale. They are generating revenue for AP state government like the lands in Vijayawada do to their owners. Rise in rate of land in Andhra after division of state, increased land dealings are both leading to increased expenditure of people on liquor. This has brought about great increase in income to excise department.

In the financial year 2014-15, Andhra Pradesh stood ahead of Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu states in selling liquor. While the sale of Whisky, Rum, Brandy rose by 4.9% in AP, it increased by 4.1% in Karnataka, 1.8% in Tamil Nadu, only 1.19% in Telangana. In Kerala, the sales went down by 2.29%.

Coming to beer, AP state reached heights that could not be touched by any other state in India. In Tamil Nadu, sales of beer increased by 3.8%, by 6.1% in Karnataka and fell down by 1.15% in Kerala. Beer sales in AP showed an improvement of 13.1%.During last year, 289 lakh cases of bottles of whisky, rum and brandy were drunk in AP. This time, CM, Chandrababu’s government has ordered officials that the number of cases should reach 303 lakh. Thus officials have set target and encouraging people to drink.

People of AP transforming into tax-payers, ruining their lives and wealth, selling out properties and jewellery of wives so as to improve the income of AP government is all very satisfying to our government leaders. Generating Rs. 12 thousand crore by the next year and utilizing the money for welfare programmes of people is the current target of government of Andhra Pradesh.

Providing rice free of cost to those families who spend all money on alcohol and degrade to a stage that could not even afford to buy rice, providing corporate health services through NTR Vaidya Seva to those whose health is deteriorated due to excessive drinking, Accident insurance and others for those who commit accidents in drunk-and-drive cases… many such great programmes will be funded using that money. As a part of the new liquor policy, it would be great if government itself gets hold of retail sales and sells liquor available to all at ration shops, wish a few alcoholics. Jhin..dha..baadh…shendherrr..baab.. naaidoo…


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