05/22/15 7:46 AM

Sadist Husband Posts Wife’s Obscene Pics Online!

sadist husband

Obscene pictures of a wife were posted by her sadist husband over internet. The shameful incident came into light in Uravakonda of Anantapur district. A software engineer named Chiranjeevi secretly captured his wife in a camera and uploaded them over internet and absconded. According to the details provided by the victim…


sadist husband


Chiranjeevi works for a software company in Chennai. The victim got married to him in 2013. The couple was happy during first few days of marriage but later, the victim was able to see the true side of her husband. Chirajeevi started harassing her for much more dowry than offered. Her in-laws also started torturing her. Chiranjeevi slowly transformed into a sadist. He tortured her in a variety of ways after watching adult films. The sadist husband filmed the victim while she was under shower and found happiness in uploading them over internet. Being unable to tolerate such strange and sadistic behavior of husband, the victim left the place and went to her parents. She reportedly complained about her sadist husband to Uravakonda police but she says that there was no action taken against him or any of his family members. The poor wife finally approached media requesting that he be punished and justice be done to her.


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