12/1/15 12:55 PM

Sakshi Newspaper – Senseless Writings


(Note: The article does not include the 1% honest govt. employees).

An article about government employees questioning if they should lead slave life forever has been published in today’s Sakshi newspaper. This is definitely news against poor people. This article is YS Jagan’s Sakshi’s strategy to win votes of government employees who have already been enjoying great benefits. Let us see what was actually written in the article.

‘An Anantapur district government employee who could not tolerate a superior official’s harassment committed suicide. An attendant in Communication department in Tirupathi set himself on fire, being unable to work 16 hours in a day. Based on these two incidents, Sakshi published an article, sympathizing government employees’.

A simple solution here is…a person who is unable to tolerate pressure could resign from his job or consider voluntary retirement (VRS). Would anyone stop them from doing so? Did someone ask them to be slaves? Are non-government employees not leading their lives? Why can’t these people also live that way?

Government job has turned a Golden Goose. Not even a small task can be accomplished without bribery. Employees have turned demons, draining blood put of common people. Forming unions, demanding increment in salaries, plots for building houses, health cards, education loans, vehicle loans, retirement pension till person is alive, pension to wives of deceased government employees, they are leading such lives with the money collected in the form of tax from public. What more do you want to be done to them? Do you want to stay at home and earn salaries? Shame on the person who wrote it and the person who approved to publish it.

Another matter published by Sakshi says, ‘Borrowing lakhs of rupees apart from thousands earned, for looking after families‘. Let us have a look at the earnings of government employees in various countries. Suppose a person earns Rs.10,000 salary on average. The salary earned by a government employee in England is 1.4 times that of the average salary ie., he earns Rs.14,000. In Communist China, it is Rs.12,000; in South Korea, it is Rs.15,000; In Malaysia, Rs.29,000. Coming to India, a government employee earns Rs.42,000, which is more than 4 times the salary of a person on average (This calculation is just the salary and does not the extra earnings). And you say such employees are being indebted.

Do you even know how much loss is incurred by general public due to negligence of government employees, who are paid people’s money? Since government teachers do not do their duties properly, kids are being sent to private schools, paying high fee. Since government hospitals do not function properly, public go to private hospitals, where they have to spend lots of money. Due to corrupt officials, we are forced to consume impure food. It is because of these crooked officials that we are buying lentils for Rs.200 per kg. Because of their inefficiency, dishonesty, greed and recklessness, people in the country are experiencing hell. In such a scenario, they publish articles aiding those government employees!

This pathetic situation is a result of those wicked politicians who desire to win by attracting votes of government employees. One important thing to be noted by politicians is, “People watch everything. Situation is not like what it was earlier. Except teaching department, no other government sector could get you more than 1 per cent difference in votes. So, leaders, open your eyes! Get the make the most of government employees to benefit public. Pay more for efficient persons. But don’t simply pay them without output from them”!!



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