05/8/15 8:55 AM

Salman Khan Out of Jail Temporarily; Mumbai High Court Grants Bail





In relief for Salman Khan, the Mumbai High Court extended bail in 2002 hit-and-run case. Salman’s sentence imposed by Mumbai sessions court has also been suspended by the Bombay HC. The court ordered that Salman surrenders and furnishes a fresh bail bond. Fans and friends of Salman expressed a sense of relief and happiness upon hearing the High Court’s decision.

The judge expressed dissatisfaction as he said that investigation was not carried out upto the mark by police and hence declared Salman eligible for being granted bail. Defense lawyer earlier argued that Salman should not be granted bail as he committed a great mistake and is tricking the court. But the arguments were not considered by the HC judge. The Mumbai sessions court yesterday pronounced a sentence of 5 years for Salman Khan.



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