12/15/15 4:29 PM

Salman Khan to Marry Girlfriend Lulia




Salman Khan who has been acquitted in hit and run now seems to be concentrating on his wedding. Film industry says that he is going to get hitched to his girlfriend. Salman is going to marry Romanian model and TV star Lulia Vantur in 2016, is what an English newspaper published.

Salman Khan has reportedly postponed his wedding to decide based on hit and run verdict. Just in case verdict was pronounced against him, he would be answerable to his wife if he married before judgement is delivered. ‘What would my wife do if I were to serve prison post wedding? What would she tell my children when they ask her about me? Would they not feel bad when they know their father is in prison?’…this is what Salman was worried about before verdict was pronounced. It is known that Salman Khan said in one of his recent interviews that if he is acquitted in hit and run case, he will think of wedding. So, we have to wait for an announcement from either of them or their families about the wedding.



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