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Salman’s Lawyer Charges more than Tollywood Heroes

Harish-salman jail

Harish-salman jail


The advocate who Salman bailed after he has been sentenced for 5 years is highly expensive. Salman’s case was argued by Harish Salve who is one among the lawyers who argue highly complicated cases. Way back when Ambani brothers competed for gas on the coastline of AP, Harish Salve argued and won the case for Mukhesh Ambani, which made him a famous lawyer. Well, we did not discuss about his fee yet, right? Just take a deep breath and then read the next sentence. Harish Salve literally charges a sum of Rs. 30 lakh per day. That is not all, there is much more to say. The big man and his assistants should be accommodated in five star hotels only. His team dinner itself costs around Rs. 2 lakh. He chooses to travel in flights only by business class. When compared to his income, many of our tollywood heroes earn much lesser. Though Salman Khan paid the lawyer enormous amount of money, he obtained bail only for a period of 2 days and ofcourse, he is eligible to apply for in it High Court and the Supreme Court. We should wait to see if the too-costly-lawyer can show some magic or not.

It is not just Harish Salva. Let us have a look at a few other lawyers who are paid more than our telugu heroes.

Ram Jethmalani: Rs. 40 lakh to take the case up and Rs. 10 to 20 lakh for each day that he attends court.

K.T.S. Tulasi: He also charges upto Rs. 10 lakh per day. But, if he feels that there is loyalty on their side, he argues free of cost for the poor. Tulasi argued on the side of victims of fire accident in Delhi’s Upahaar theatre.

Aryama Sundaram: He charges Rs. 5 lakh per day.

P.P. Rao: He has firm grip over constitution and electoral cases. So he usually argues cases for politicians.

Apart from the above mentioned lawyers, other political personalities like Arun Jaitley, Abhishek Manu Singhva, Kapil Sibbal are also advocates and fee charged by them is also very high!

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