05/6/15 12:01 PM

Salman’s Verdict is Fine; Who will Punish Remaining Lakhs of Guilty people?

salman road accidents

salman road accidents


Salman Khan who took the life of a person when he drove in drunken state has been sentenced for 5 years by court. As this verdict been proved that law does not favor anyone, everyone is equal in the eyes of law, nobody can escape the law, many might be feeling satisfied. The judge who declared judgement might have experienced a lot of pressure, many traps and more. A judge overcoming all such hurdles and pronouncing this verdict is definitely appreciable. But… Isn’t there anyone else who is killing people with reckless driving?

India witnesses more than 1 lakh road accidents per year in which 1 lakh 50 thousand people are losing lives. Lakhs of other people are being disabled due to road accidents. When about 1 lakh accidents are taking place annually, how many are being punished? Out of the 1 lakh accidents, around 50 thousand accidents occur due to negligence of drivers, which means that 50 lakh persons should be punished yearly. In the past 13 years after Salman Khan committed accident, approximately 5 lakh people might have caused death of others due to their reckless driving. Accidents caused due to negligence of government officials and people’s representatives are numerous. RTA officers who offer license to those who have poor driving skills, contractors who lay roads without footpaths, Municipal staff who help them in doing so… there are many who commit mistakes. Who all are being punished?

Salman alone being convicted would not suffice. Every reckless driver, every corrupt RTA officer, every leader who is not bothered about basic infrastructure and all others responsible for 1 lakh 50 thousand deaths every year should punished. That is when there will be few road accidents occurring.



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